Adjustment to Permanent Residency

Departments can choose to consider sponsoring a current international employee for Permanent Residency after they have been employed at UMBC for 2 years in a full-time position.

Click Here to view UMBC’s H-1B and Permanent Resident Sponsorship Policy.

UMBC’s ISSS staff will liaise with an immigration attorney on behalf of the hiring department and international employee.

The cost for legal fees and filing fees usually varies between $7,000 to $9,000, and is the responsibility of the hiring department or office.

As permanent residence is an extremely complex immigration status, and often takes 1-2 years to obtain, please contact our office to plan ahead once the decision is made to sponsor a current employee for permanent residency, to being consultation with an attorney.

For information or questions regarding an Adjustment to Permanent Residency, please contact our office.