Transfer out during OPT


Students who want to begin a new degree program in F-1 status are welcome to transfer to another school to being that program, or begin that program at UMBC.  Students in F-1 status will need to transfer their I-20 to the new school of their choice.  Please find the requirements for transferring your I-20 to a new school here, and the requirements for changing to a new degree program at UMBC here.

Please note that your OPT authorization is connected to your UMBC I-20.  Transferring your I-20 during OPT will end your OPT automatically. The unused OPT time cannot be regained for use at another time – it is simply forfeited.

Please also note that students on OPT cannot begin a new degree program in the US while on OPT – your I-20 must be transferred to begin a new degree program.  Coursework outside of a degree can be pursued during OPT, such as coursework for personal enjoyment, a certificate program, or preparatory courses, such as pre-requisites, for a new degree program.