Change of Education or Degree Level

A “Change of Education Level” means you will continue your studies at UMBC, but are starting a new degree program.  This could be English students beginning a degree program, Bachelor’s degree students transitioning to Master’s, or Master’s students transitioning to PhD’s.  This could also be starting a second degree at UMBC at the same degree level.

Since you will remain at UMBC in this situation to start your new degree program, the process to adjust your I-20 for this new program is relatively simple.


Change of Education Level Requirements

  • First, you must be admitted to the new program or degree you plan to pursue
  • Next, you need to prepare updated proof of available funding for the new degree program.  You can find more details on the funding requirements here.   For students with scholarships from their home governments, please note that you will need an updated Financial Guarantee or Scholarship offer, specific to the new degree program, from your scholarship organization before we can make a new I-20 for you.


Process to Apply for a new I-20 for the new degree program: 

  1. Login to your ISSS Portal 
  2. Click on “Search Forms” in the top right corner of the page
  3. Choose the relevant application – Change of Education Level
  4. Read the directions and complete all sections of the application
  5. The application requires the support of your academic advisor.  Please follow the directions under the “Recommendations” section to invite your advisor to provide their support electronically.
  6. Only click submit after you have uploaded all requirements.
  7. ISSS advisors will review your application and contact you within 2-3 business days after your advisor recommendation is received.


Timeline and Deadlines

After you are admitted to your new program, you can begin preparing the financial documents.  However, we cannot prepare a new I-20 for you until you complete your current program, except in unusual circumstances.

Please note, you MUST work with us to get your new I-20 before your current I-20 end date, plus the 60 day grace period.