SEB, SGA, Student Organizations

The Student Events Board (seb)

Seb plans a lot of campus events, including live music, movie nights, trips, and more, because hey, we all need a break from studying sooner or later, right? (seb) is comprised of students just like you, and they work together to plan events that students would want to go to!

You can always ask them about upcoming events or make suggestions, and they invite you to stay connected with their website, their facebook pageweekly video blogstwitterblog, and more, and make sure you never miss out on a thing!

 UMBC Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of the undergraduate students at UMBC. Serving as one of the governing bodies at UMBC, the SGA meets with key administrators and approves campus-wide policies in support of an active, academically enriched, social student environment. The SGA has an Executive Branch, Senate, Finance Board, and Judicial Branch. The entire undergraduate population makes up the foundation of the SGA. Visit the SGA Website.

UMBC Student Organizations (Student Orgs)

UMBC offers a large amount of student organizations for undergraduate students. Student organizations are created and run by current students and offer a wide array of opportunities to get involved in your campus community through interests and causes you are passionate about. Many organizations serve to enhance your education, and they all add boundless fun and memories to your student experience! Of course, you’re here to earn your degree. Joining a student organization will truly broaden your perspectives, open awesome opportunities, and deepen your connection and passion with the things you love most. List of UMBC Student Organizations