On-Campus Housing

Residential Life (RL) is responsible for operating and maintaining the residential facilities as well as coordinating programs and services for approximately 3,900 students who live on campus. UMBC’s Residential Life program not only provides living environments which are clean, secure, and convenient to classes, but also provides you with growth and development opportunities.

To apply for on-campus housing visit Residential Life’s Website! 

Residential Life Main Office
Residential Life’s main office is located in Erickson Hall near the library at the bottom of Walker Avenue. The office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM to serve you.  Contact us at reslife@umbc.edu.

Residential Facilities
The Residential Facilities staff (x5-3948) are responsible for the construction, maintenance, housekeeping, and renovation of the residential facilities and grounds. Staff in this area can assist you with questions about:
maintenance requests and repairs;

  • apartment utility bills;
  • key and access security issues;
  • damage and cleaning billing;
  • cable television service;
  • telephone service;
  • other concerns about buildings or grounds;
  • safety and security issues;
  • housekeeping issues and Physical Plant procedures; and
  • recycling;
  • pest control.

Residential Operations
The Residential Operations staff (x5-8832) manage the Housing Application and Housing License processes, room assignments, billing for room fees, and maintain resident files. The Residential Operations staff also coordinate the Housing Selection process each spring for residents who wish to renew their housing for the next academic year. Staff in this area can assist you with questions about:

  • housing offers and assignments;
  • deposits and billing;
  • summer, temporary and transitional housing; and,
  • special interest housing.

Residential Education
The Residential Education staff (x5-3932) facilitate programs and activities intended to enhance the academic mission of UMBC.  This area is also responsible for responding to students’ concerns regarding violations of their rights as residents (see Your Rights as a Resident), reviewing all violations of RL or University policy, and acting as Residential Life’s liaison with the Director of Student Judicial Programs. Staff in Residential Education are responsible for:

  • providing social and community building opportunities;
  • providing leadership development opportunities;
  • providing personal, social and academic development activities;
  • responding to student and community concerns regarding students and their guests’ misconduct;
  • interventions for student behavior concerns; and
  • conflict mediation.