Academic Resources


UMBC has many academic resources on campus that can help you on the way to graduation! Some of the most used resources are listed below, we recommend you reach out to your advisor if you need additional assistance.


UMBC Library

The Albin O. Kuhn Library at UMBC is one of the main resources for international students at UMBC. The library is at the center of the research university and offers the highest quality resources and services for UMBC’s growing and evolving teaching, learning, research and service environment.

In addition to checking out books, CDs, and DVDs from the UMBC Library, the “AOK” Library houses many additional resources including:

  • library gallery and atrium which display exhibits throughout the year
  • The Academic Success Center – UMBC’s comprehensive undergraduate academic support program. Includes the Math and Science Tutoring Center and the Writing Center
  • Digital Media Lab
  • Retriever Learning Center – 24 hour study space on the ground floor

Please click here to visit the library’s main site.

The English Language Institute

The UMBC English Language Institute offers English language courses for non-native English speakers. Visit the ELI website for more information about available courses and other opportunities to practice English.

Grad Student and Postdoc Development

The office of Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Development (GSPD) is the hub of professional development for all graduate students and postdocs at UMBC. They are committed to providing a community of learning and support from the moment you arrive on campus to the day you depart for the next stage of your career.

GSPD offers a wide range of programs and resources to help you achieve your goals, including:

    • CIRTL: The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) program provides professional development opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are interested in pursuing careers in academia. CIRTL offers workshops, courses, and teaching opportunities to help participants develop their teaching skills and build a strong teaching portfolio.
    • PROMISE: The PROMISE program is committed to increasing the representation and success of underrepresented graduate students. PROMISE offers a variety of programs and resources to help students have a “third space”, a family away from family, to build their academic and professional skills, and provide mentoring, networking opportunities, and professional development workshops.
    • Office of Postdoctoral Affairs: The OPA provides advocacy and support for postdoctoral research associates  at UMBC. We also offer workshops and resources to help postdocs develop their teaching and mentoring skills, prepare for academic job searches, and build their professional networks.
    • Resources: We offer a variety of resources to help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars succeed, including funding opportunities for research and travel, career development resources, workshops and training sessions on topics such as grant writing and communication skills, and one-on-one consultations with our experienced staff.

Follow the GSPD myUMBC account to hear about all of their upcoming activities.