Creating a myUMBC Account, Registration and Billing

Students must create an on-line myUMBC account in order to register for classes and pay bills. Exchange students can create their online account using this link. Please remember that when you enter your date of birth to use the U.S. format (mm/dd/yyyy) instead of other international formats (yyyy/mm/dd or dd/mm/yyyy).

UMBC Gmail

At the time of admission a UMBC Gmail account is created. You must activate it and check it regularly. Various campus office will be sending important information to that account rather than your personal account.

Registration for classes

All exchange students should begin the process of registering for classes on-line now through the myUMBC system. To register for classes, go to the “Guide” bar after you log into your account on myUMBC. Then go to “Classes and Grades,” and then “Student Schedule and Registration”. You can look up the on-line course catalog from the same web site. You may need permission from the instructor of a class to enroll in the class. The Office of International Education Services will assist you in this process.

The UMBC Registrar’s Office has a guide on how to register for classes. 

Student Billing

Students login to myUMBC and select the “Billing & Personal Finances” under the “Topics” tab. From there, they can select to pay their charges, view their e-bills and/or enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan. Your online payment will post to your account immediately. Students will see their true balances anytime they review their “Account Inquiry”.

You can use some credit cards to make your online payment. UMBC accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. A 2.75% convenience fee will be charged on all credit card transactions. There will be no additional fee to pay with cash or traveler’s check on campus. If you plan to pay with cash, please keep in mind that you likely have a daily withdraw limit of a few hundred dollars. In the past, students have withdrawn a few hundred dollars over a series of days; just remember you will have to start well before the payment deadline to avoid UMBC’s late fees.

What Your Student Bill Should Include

As exchange students at UMBC, you will not be responsible for paying either tuition or standard student fees during your time here. However, if you enroll in a specific class that has a separate lab or participation fee, you will be responsible for that fee.

The only charges that you will be responsible for at UMBC are as follows:

  • accommodation charges (Except ISEP)
  • meal plan (Except ISEP)
  • student health insurance
  • individual course fees (if applicable)
  • any late fees (obviously optional!)

If your bill contains anything else, please contact the Education Abroad Office.

Note: Sometimes your tuition/fee bill will be process before your tuition and fee waiver. You may receive a bill for a very large sum of money – usually around USD 14,000 for international student tuition and fees. Do not panic. When your tuition waiver is processed by Student Business Services, these charges will be reversed.