J-1 Program Changes

You can find applications for all J-1 program changes and requests in the UMBC Scholar Portal.  In your Scholar Portal record, click the “Requests” tab.

UMBC Scholar Portal

Click to access the UMBC Scholar Portal

If you have a myUMBC account, click “UMBC Account Login” to log in with your UMBC credentials. If you use an email address and password to access your account, enter those instead.


J-1 Requests in the UMBC Scholar Portal

DS-2019 Extension

If you will continue in your position at UMBC beyond your DS-2019 end date, you will need to apply for an extension.

Please log in to the UMBC Scholar Portal. Click the Requests Tab, complete the form and requirements with your department, and submit them; we will then adjust the end date on your DS-2019.

Remember that certain J-1 categories have a maximum program duration, and we cannot extend your DS-2019 beyond that amount of time:

  • Research Scholar/Professor – Maximum 5 years
  • Short-term Scholar: Maximum 6 months
  • Degree-seeking Student: No Maximum


Completing J-1 Visit Early

Use the “End Program” request in the UMBC Scholar Portal if you plan to complete your J-1 program earlier than your DS-2019 end date, and we will adjust your DS-2019.


Transfer to a new J-1 Program outside of UMBC

If you will leave UMBC and move your J-1 status to a new school or program, use the “Transfer Out” request in the UMBC Scholar Portal in advance, so we can schedule the transfer with your new program.