Baltimore Collegetown

Baltimore is a great college town! There are more than 120,000 college students in Baltimore and the region is buzzing with the energy of its institutions, industries, culture and a character all its own.

The Baltimore Collegetown Network brings 14 area colleges and universities together with government, business and community leaders to develop and market Baltimore as a vibrant place to live and learn. Through partnerships, marketing initiatives and advocacy, BCN works to change perceptions about the city, support cultural offerings, improve transportation systems and expand services in the region. We are dedicated to strengthening the links among the city’s educational, cultural and community institutions to take full advantage of the creative energy they represent. Visit the Baltimore Collegetown Website. 

Did you know that BCN institutions…?

    • Enroll more than 120,000 students


    • Pump $17.2 billion into the local economy


    • Employ more than 63,369 faculty and staff members


    • Bring 300,000 visitors to our campuses each year


    • Ferry 72,000 riders on the Collegetown Shuttle each year


  • Attract 11,000 new undergraduates each year