Social Security Numbers

You are required by law to have a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to be paid for work in the US.  If you are not working in a paid position, you do not need an SSN.  Unfortunately SSN’s are often used as identification numbers for other kinds of applications, such as credit cards or cell phone accounts.  While having an SSN is convenient, you can NOT apply for an SSN unless you have a job offer. If you have received a job offer, follow these steps to apply for an SSN.

Social Security Numbers (SSN)

Step 1: Are you eligible to apply for an SSN?

  1. Is your SEVIS record registered by the ISSS staff?  (If you are trying to apply before the first few months of your first semester, please check with the ISSS office to make sure your record is registered!)
  2. Do you have a job offer?
  3. Have you been in the US at least a few days?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are ready to go to the Social Security Administration (SSA) Office to apply for your Social Security Number (SSN).  In order to apply for a social security number (SSN), you will need to visit an office of the SSA in person – you cannot apply by mail or online.

SSN Process Changes During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Social Security Administration (SSA) Offices are closed to the public.  They are accepting new SSN applications BY APPOINTMENT ONLY,  ONLY for students applying for an SSN for the first time.  Do not go to an SSA location without an appointment, as they will not be able to help you.

  • Please call your nearest SSA Office to schedule an appointment.
    • Baltimore City office (1010 PARK AVE, SUITE 200, BALTIMORE, MD 21201): 1-866-931-9942
    • Closest to campus (1531 S EDGEWOOD STREET, SUITE S, BALTIMORE, MD 21227): 1-877-870-6381
    • Look up other office locations farther from campus here:
    • Scroll down to see more details on getting to the different office locations
    • Be aware of scams – SSA phone lines have been known to be intercepted and redirect you to a scam call center.  If you are offered a gift card or asked for payment information, this is a scam!  Hang up and try the number again!
  • After confirming the way they want you to manage the application, you can compile your application and supporting documents to take to your appointment.  All documents must be in hard copy and printed on plain, white paper – for example, they cannot look at items on your phone or other device, and they cannot accept documents printed on colored paper.  The SSA also requests that documents be printed on standard 8½ x 11 in. paper.
    Be sure to prepare the following:

    • your ACTUAL passport (not a copy)
    • a copy of your most recent I-94
    • copy of your job offer letter, which must include ALL of the following:
      • anticipated START DATE
      • Company EIN (tax ID) number, if the employer is NOT UMBC
      • Be on company letterhead, signed
    • actual most recent I-20 (not a copy)
    • letter from ISSS confirming your status as a student – please email with a copy of your job offer to request this
    • Copy of your UMBC admission letter – this was probably shared with you via email at he time of your admission, you can print this out and carry it with you.
    • Printed, completed and signed SSN application:  – Be sure to capture your name and mailing address correctly, and print clearly.
  • The SSA will mail your original documents with your SSN card typically in 2-4 weeks.  Most students receive the card within 1-2 weeks, but those with complications in their names or mismatched documents may experience a longer wait time.



After you apply:

You should present a copy of the receipt from SSA to your employer.   It can take 2-3 weeks for you to receive your Social Security card in the mail.  When you receive the card, it is important to check the spelling of your name, sign the card and take to the department where you were hired to complete any necessary paperwork.

Your SSN does not expire or change once it has been issued to you.



Letter of Ineligibility

DURING COVID CLOSURES, please call your nearest SSA office to ask for their procedures to request this letter!

This is a letter provided by the Social Security Administration to state that you are not currently eligible for an SSN.  This is most commonly needed for the MVA, when you apply for either a State ID or a Driver’s License.

To apply, take the following to an SSA office:

Valid Passport, visa, current I-20, I-94

You will also need a letter from ISSS office certifying your good F-1 status – please visit the ISSS Portal to request this letter, and please allow a few days processing time.



Social Security Administration Office Hours and Locations

HOURS – All SSA locations are open 9am – 4:00pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday;

Wednesdays only the office is only open from 9am – 12pm (noon)

Please plan to wait – a trip to the SSA can often take some time, possibly hours.  Be prepared to wait and take something to do while waiting.  Avoid going at the end of their business hours.



Baltimore City:

1010 Park Avenue
Suite 200
Baltimore, MD 21210

*Accessible by multiple kinds of public transit, including the free Charm City Circulator from downtown (downtown can be reached using the UMBC shuttle of MTA public bus system).

Closest to Campus:

1531 S Edgewood Street
Suite S
Baltimore MD 21227

*The number 77 public bus picks up on campus and gets close to this location.  You can get off at the Washington Blvd and Hammonds Ferry Road stop and walk about a half mile to the location.  Please be sure to use a GPS service like Google Maps to see exactly where to walk.  Students also often take an Uber or taxi to this location.

You can find the number 77 bus schedule here.


Glen Burnie:

337 Hospital Drive
Suite 1A
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

*This location is very difficult to reach via public transportation.




Helpful Links:

Social Security Location Finder, with addresses and phone numbers:

Mapping Service websites, to plan your trip:

SSN Information specific to international students:

MTA bus information:


For questions or concerns, please contact the ISSS office at UMBC at 410-455-2624 or