Education Abroad for International Students

Study Abroad Kids

International students are welcome to study abroad through UMBC!  Education Abroad is a chance for any UMBC student to study in another country for a session, semester or year, and earn credits that can be transferred back to UMBC. During your Study Abroad time, your I-20 will still be active.


To Get Started

  • Reflect on what kind of experience will align with your professional goals
  • Consider the length of this experience (a semester, summer, academic year)
  • Examine which programs offered by the Education Abroad Office will fit your interests


U.S. Visa Status

  • Consult the requirements to maintain your U.S visa status while studying abroad
  • Consider the implications of your study abroad experience in your OPT, CPT or other Academic Training application
  • Learn about the documents needed to re-enter the U.S after your study abroad program
  • For more information contact an International Student Advisor


Entry Visa and Travel Documentation for Study Abroad

Depending on the destination, your country of citizenship and the length of your program a visa may be required. In some instances, international students have to apply for a visa from their home country.

For students holding multiple citizenships and passports, look for information from the consulate or embassy of the study abroad country to know under what citizenship apply and enter.

Diplomatic relationships between your home country and the destination country might affect your visa application, in case of these concerns contact an International Student Advisor

Consider other documents on Travel Abroad and Visa Renewal


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