The Counseling Center

College can be an exciting time for students!  You will encounter a variety of experiences, including different foods, entertainment activities and new friends.  Some students thrive and feel energized in a new environment.  Many students, however, can feel overwhelmed by all of the changes.  It is normal to have emotional reactions during the adjustment to a new school and a new country.  Fortunately, there are many amazing resources available at UMBC.

The Counseling Center is one resource that can be there for you throughout your education years at UMBC.  All of the Counseling Center services are free and confidential.  You can talk one-on-one with a counselor, meet other students in group therapy, attend a workshop to learn useful tips for stress and procrastination, or receive assistance in getting you connected to resources in the community.  The staff at the Counseling Center are experienced in addressing the specific needs of international students and will work to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  For more information about the services at the Counseling Center, check out their website as well as their Facebook page.