Transfer your I-20 out of UMBC

For F-1 international students, you can transfer your SEVIS record, which means your I-20 and the electronic record that goes with it, to other schools you will attend in F-1 immigration status.  Only one school can hold your SEVIS record and I-20 at once, and that should always be the school you are currently attending.

You might transfer your I-20 before you complete your degree, after you graduate, or after OPT.

If you will leave UMBC to go to another school, we can transfer your SEVIS record to that new school.  Then, the new school will prepare a new I-20 for you with the same SEVIS ID, but with the new school information, new financial information, and new set of dates and academic program information.  You will NOT need a new visa stamp for this transfer, and you will NOT need to pay the SEVIS fee again.


Process to Apply: 

  1. Login to your ISSS Portal 
  2. Click on “Search Forms” in the top right corner of the page
  3. Choose the relevant request – Transfer Out (F-1)
  4. Read the directions and complete all sections of the application
  5. Only click submit after you have uploaded all requirements.
  6. ISSS advisors will review your application and contact you within 2-3 business days.



If you are transferring your I-20 to a new school after finishing your studies at UMBC, or after OPT, please note that you MUST transfer your I-20 before your I-20 end date or OPT end date, plus the 60 days grace period.  Your I-20 cannot be transferred after the 60 days, so please act accordingly!

Your new program cannot begin more than 5 months in after your program end date or OPT end date.

You should complete the transfer of your I-20 to the new school before you start classes there.


Next Steps

Besides ISSS, if you have not already graduated you should plan to let your academic advisor know of your decision to leave UMBC.

If you are registered at UMBC but have changed your plans and will not be attending, it is your responsibility to drop your classes before the deadlines, found here, in order to get a full refund. Transferring your SEVIS record does NOT cancel your course registration at UMBC.

After your I-20 transfer has been completed by UMBC ISSS, you should reach out to the international adviser at your new school to find out the requirements to get your new I-20 from them, which typically include updated proof of funding and photocopies of your immigration documents.