International Student Fee

UMBC is introducing an International Student Fee beginning in Fall 2019, which will directly support resources and services unique to international students. We are excited to bring you new and important services, as well as enhance existing resources and opportunities, to have the best possible experience as an international student at UMBC!

Why is there a fee?

UMBC’s international student community has grown substantially, almost doubling since Fall 2013. Our office sought feedback from current international students on the value of additional services covered by the fee and if they would support a fee to cover these additional services. The response was overwhelmingly supportive.

The fee has been vetted by university administrators, who have carefully examined the proposed budget to manage the fee funds.

How will the fees be used?

The funds from this fee will support services and resources specific to international students at UMBC. Services include:

  • ISSS Portal Immigration Case Management system.
  • Enhanced Orientation experience for new international students.
  • Additional programming opportunities for current students, including on-campus programs, trips, and more; and enhancements to popular existing programs, such as international student career development initiatives.
  • Improved communication from ISSS, including personalized reminders and deadlines; additional and improved outreach around relevant immigration information; website enhancements; expanded advising opportunities.
  • On-going ISSS staff training to ensure students are receiving the most up-to-date information and most correct guidance.

When will these new services be available?

The ISSS Portal is live and available as of Summer 2019 and will be formally introduced to the community as we approach the Fall 2019 semester. Other planned expansion of programs and services will be implemented throughout the Fall 2019 semester and continue over time.

How much is the fee? 

The International Student Fee is $125 per semester or session of enrollment. This is lower than many of UMBC’s peer institutions and comparable to other universities in the University System of Maryland that have instituted a fee.

Who is charged the fee?

F-1 international students in degree-seeking programs, both undergraduate and graduate.

When is the fee charged?

The fee is charged each semester or session of enrollment and will appear on your bill with your tuition and other university fees.

How is this different than the other fees I pay?

Each fee covers specific kinds of services for the UMBC community. This fee is only for services provided uniquely to international students.