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Global Ambassadors

About the Global Ambassador Program

UMBC’s Global Ambassador Program brings together a diverse group of current international students, known as Global Ambassador Peer Mentors, who help create a welcoming and considerate community for UMBC’s international students. The program supports and empowers all international students, graduate and undergraduate, current and future. By sharing their insights and personal experiences, the Global Ambassador Peer Mentors work to ensure that international students feel connected to campus and the classroom no matter how they are beginning their academic journey with UMBC.

The Global Ambassador Program offers a number of activities and events for international students to stay engaged and connected with peers and the campus community. This includes recurring virtual webchat series to explore campus opportunities and programs, hosting ways to get involved with academic program events and extracurriculars and developing projects, social media and website content to provide tips and insights into the international student experience.

International students, including our Global Ambassador Peer Mentors, offer so much in terms of innovative ideas and valuable new perspectives to UMBC and beyond. Through the Global Ambassador program we can continue to welcome, empower and support our international student community.

Connect with us:

Want to connect with the Global Ambassador Peer Mentors or learn more about ways to meet other UMBC international students, both current and incoming? Email us at



Meet the Global Ambassador Peer Mentors

Name: Dmitry P.

Major: Data Science (MPS)

Level of Study: Graduate

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Languages Spoken: English, Russian

About Dmitry: Hi, my name is Dmitry, I am a second-year graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Data Science and I do research in the SMC lab. I love running, playing chess, and calligraphy.





Name: Ninad S.

Level of Study: Graduate

Major: Information Systems (MS)

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Marathi

About Ninad: I am Ninad and I have been at UMBC for about a year now. A very warm and hearty welcome to all the incoming students. UMBC is a fantastic place. I love it and I am sure you’ll love it too. I am a fun loving and very approachable person, so don’t think twice before reaching out to me if you have any questions! I am an avid traveller who loves planning and going on trips and I also previously studied with an aviation group in the UK!



Name: Brahmani T.

Level of Study: Graduate

Major: Data Science (MPS)

Hometown: Hyderabad, India

About BrahmaniIf you’re looking for the words like approachable, easy to talk, weird. I’m all that. Additionally, I can talk about movies, books, especially anything animated. Moreover, I’m a foodie. We can talk all about food but I wouldn’t guarantee about cooking. Finally, I’m a sucker for cheesy endings and I cry at every one of those endings. I am the current president of EKTA (UMBC’s Indian Graduate Student Association). I also can write right to left (mirrored letters)!




Name: Sana S.

Level of Study: Graduate

Major: Data Science (MPS)

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi

About Sana: Sana Sharma is a Master’s student studying Data Science Her career passion includes pursuing a professional role as a Data Analyst where she will apply interdisciplinary approaches towards solving business challenges. Sana also completed her Undergraduate studies at UMBC.  She is also a trained dancer and has been the captain of UMBC Adaa, UMBC’s Competitive South Asian Fusion Dance Team. Sana also acted in a music video that crossed a million views in less than a week!



Name: Ashuthosh C.

Level of Study: Graduate

Major: Engineering Management (MS)

Hometown: Bengaluru, India

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Kannada

About Ashuthosh: I am Ashuthosh, currently pursuing my master’s in Engineering Management with certification in Data Science. I am an active member of EKTA (Indian Student Organization). I grew up believing in the line “Change is inevitable, Growth is optional” by John Maxwell. I work on smaller tasks to see the bigger picture. I enjoy interacting with people & playing chess. If you ever need a travel companion or person to share some thoughts, I am just a call away.






Name: Sampada B.

Level of Study: Graduate

Major: Information Systems (MS)

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Marathi

About Sampada: I come from Mumbai, India. I am studying for a Master’s in Information Systems. I have worked in the software field for 4 years after completing Bachelor’s in Information Technology. I have a passion for exploring new places and trying different kinds of food. I am a huge art lover. I like to draw doodles, sketches, and nature in my spare time. Most of my sketches are free hand drawings inspired by the places I visit and people that I meet.



Name: Kirthana K.

Level of Study: Graduate

Major: Information Systems (MS)

Hometown: Bidar, India

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada

About Kirthana: Hi! I’m Kirthana, and I’m a Graduate student, majoring in Information Systems. I like dancing, learning new languages, playing gaming, and interested in helping people.I also have a good sense of humor and am a foodie!





Name: Ayomide Y.

Level of Study: Undergraduate

Major: Biological Sciences (BS)

Hometown: Ondo State, Nigeria

Languages Spoken: English, Yoruba

About Ayomide: Think about a die-hard sport fanatic, that’s me! If I’m not studying, you would find me engrossed in one sporting event or the other. Aside from leisure, I am currently majoring in Biological sciences. I love music, soccer (I support Barcelona) , basketball and a host of other sports. Overall, I’m always open to giving a helping hand when I can.




Name: Rodney S.

Level of Study: Undergraduate

Major: Chemical Engineering (BS)

Hometown: Mutare, Zimbabwe

Languages Spoken: French, Shona and English

About Rodney:  My name is Rodney Sachiti, a Zimbabwean born international student athlete. I am a triple and long jumper on the UMBC Track and Field team. I am currently a junior studying Chemical Engineering and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I also enjoy singing!




Name: Nastaran A.

Level of Study: Undergraduate

Major: Biology (BS)

Hometown: Tabriz, Iran

Languages Spoken: English, Persian, Turkish, Azari, Arabic (Basic)

About Nastaran: Hi new Retrievers! My name is Nastaran, my major is Biology and I am a junior. I transferred from the University of Tabriz, Iran to UMBC last year. That was a challenging year! So, I know what you are going through right now and we are here to help you to pass this year smoothly and easily! I am really excited to help our new Retrievers! I used to go to the mountains every weekend in my home country but unfortunately, there are no mountains in Maryland so I changed from mountain climbing to hiking and doing some cardio these days too!