Your I-20 defines the details of your F-1 status in the US.  It includes your personal information, school information, academic program, source of funding, and start and estimated end date of your program.  If any of the information on your I-20 is incorrect, please contact the ISSS office immediately.

Please be aware of your I-20 end date – if your I-20 expires inappropriately, this can cause many problems for your status in the US.  If you need additional time to complete your degree at UMBC, you can apply for an I-20 extension for the additional time that you need.

Your “SEVIS ID” is located in the top right of the I-20 first page, and starts with N00…  This is your unique ID within SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System).  Students do not have access to SEVIS, but ISSS staff have appropriate access to your record.

The third page of the I-20 is where any employment information will go in the future, for CPT and OPT authorization.  The bottom of the third page has your travel signature, which must be no more than one year old when you enter the US at any time.

Students can only have one SEVIS ID active in the US at any time, and only one school can see your record at a time.  If you choose to later transfer to another school, your SEVIS record, SEVIS ID and I-20 will all be sent to the new school of your choice.

Click here to see a Sample I-20 with new format