The I-9 form is required for all employers to complete with you when they initially hire you.  This form establishes your ability to legally work in the US.  The form requires that you provide proof of identity and proof of ability to be employed in the US, in addition to filling in some basic information.  You can find the complete form, directions and list of possible documents here.

Please be sure to complete the forms with your name formatted in the same way it is on your other immigration documents – mismatched information will cause problems and slow down the process of you getting paid.  For example, students with 2 last names on their passport and I-20 should also use the same 2 last names on their employment documents, and not only use 1.

F-1 students often find this form confusing, as the list of optional documents is not always clear.  Students should plan to provide the following to meet these requirements – please note that all documents must be unexpired and original:

Students working off-campus with CPT work authorization will need to have CPT approved and added to their I-20.

Students working off-campus with OPT work authorization will need to have OPT approved on their I-20, and provide their EAD card that they receive when their OPT application is approved.

For specific questions about the I-9 form, you should refer to the staff person that you are working with to be added to your new employer’s payroll system.