Health Insurance and Immunization Requirements

International Students are required by law to carry health insurance. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please plan to budget for health insurance when you come to UMBC.  Health Insurance costs are included in the amount required when you provide proof of funding to get your I-20. UMBC automatically enrolls all international students in the university’s comprehensive Health Care plan. For more information on the coverage please visit the Retriever Integrated Health (RIH) website at

International students at UMBC are enrolled automatically into UMBC’s student insurance plan (students with Graduate Assistantships will be enrolled with their departments).  The bill for the insurance usually appears on your bill about a month after the semester begins, but the coverage is effective at the beginning of the semester, and often a week or two before that – please contact RIH at or 410-455-2542 for the exact start and end dates of the insurance.


UMBC Immunization Requirements

UMBC requires all new students to prove they have had certain immunizations, to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases.  If you have not had the required immunizations or do not have a record of this in English, you can receive the immunizations again once you arrive at UMBC.  The UMBC Health Insurance plan covers most of the expense associated with the immunizations. For the complete list of requirements, and to access the form that all students must submit, please click here.  Please note, students that have not submitted the required form will be blocked from registering for their second semester of classes.


US Health Care System

The health care system in the United States is quite complex. The U.S. Government does not provide health care for everyone as health care in the United States is privatized. Please view the following video for a brief overview of health care in the United States.