Financing Your Studies

Students planning to study in the US with a student visa will need to show their ability to cover the expected cost of their education.  There are some ways students can receive scholarships or funding opportunities from UMBC to contribute to these costs.



Undergraduate Students – Scholarships for Undergraduate students are primarily offered at the time of admission, in the form of Merit scholarships (based on grades and test scores submitted with your application) and Scholars Programs, which require a separate application to the specific program.  Some scholarships are offered for current students as well.  Please be aware of the deadlines for these opportunities, as they are often early!  You can learn more about Undergraduate Scholarship opportunities here.

Graduate Students – Graduate students can be eligible to receive funding through an Assistantship, which can be a TA (Teaching Assistantship), RA (Research Assistantship), or GA (Graduate Assistantship).  The student will work in this position on campus for 20 hours per week, and in return typically receives tuition remission, health insurance, and an annual stipend typically ranging from $12,000 – $25,000.   Assistantship offers are usually given by your academic department, often based on your application documents.  Each department manages this process differently, so questions concerning assistantship opportunities should be directed to your academic department.  Occasionally, other assistantship opportunities can become available outside of departments, such as through the Graduate Student Association or other on-campus offices.  These are not advertised in a specific location, but are often included in the Graduate School’s email newsletters.  Learn more here!

Please note that scholarships and assistantships are extremely competitive, especially for current students, so please do not plan your finances assuming that you can find a scholarship after you arrive on campus.

Private Scholarships – Students that receive scholarships from outside organizations are usually welcome to apply them at UMBC.  You can try searching for scholarships on the internet, through your country’s embassy in the US, or through any educational advising centers that might be near you, such as EducationUSA.


Financial Aid / Student Loans

The Financial Aid and student loans available through UMBC are only available through the US national financial aid program, FAFSA.  Please note that international students are not eligible for this program.

Students can receive loans in their home country to apply towards their expenses in the US.  Please note that it is very difficult to get a loan in the US unless you have a family member or sponsor already in the US as a citizen or permanent resident that can help you.